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Determine if Series are Arithmetic, Geometric or Neither QR13 1

Learn how to determine if a sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither. A sequence is a list of numbers/values exhibiting a defined
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Determine whether each sequence is arithmetic, geometric

To determine whether a sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither we test the terms of the sequence. We test for a common difference or a common ratio. If neither test is true, then we have a sequence that is neither geometric nor arithmetic.

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Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

If it's got a common ratio, you can bet it's geometric. Practice identifying both of these sequences by watching this tutorial!

How Do You Determine if a Sequence is Arithmetic or

Each term is equal to the prior one multiplied by 2. Some sequences are neither arithmetic nor geometric. An example would be 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2

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